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San Vicente

Unlike more popular tourist destinations that have helped Palawan become one of the best islands in the world, San Vicente is devoid of luxury trappings. Instead, the town’s homespun and relaxed tropical pleasures offer a very different kind of luxury for those prefer peace and tranquility.

Sleepy San Vicente is proud to have some of the best beaches in the Philippines, an ideal destination for nature lovers: San Vicente's Long Beach is considered to be the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. With a picturesque stretch of beach, Long Beach is truly a peaceful paradise to help tourists escape the hustle and bustle of luxury tourist spots.

There is lots of interesting water activities in San Vicente: You can go to Island hopping (and snorkeling) to see the exotic islands and interesting coral snorkeling sites on your way. You can also swim with sea turtles because San Vicente's pristine environment is one of the best places in Palawan to detect sea turtles. You’ll get a chance to see two endangered species of sea turtles in San Vicente, the Green sea turtle and the Hawksbill.

An adventure on Palawan beach will not be completed without many fresh seafood dishes. If you get a chance while you’re in Palawan, treat yourself to a “boodle fight” while gazing out over gorgeous ocean views!

Not only that, tourists will be able to explore and enjoy the quietness at Mangrove River Cruise at Inandeng River forest. To explore the ecological environment here, you'll need to rent a small boat or kayak from the New Agutaya village.

-  It will take about 3-4 hours by road, bus or public bus from Puerto Princesa to come here. If you are from El Nido, it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach San Vicente by van. You can also ride motorboats from Sabang, Puerto Princesa and Port Barton, San Vicente or El Nido to get there.

-  If you are in the center of the Philippines, you should fly here.

San Vicente is truly an ideal destination for nature lovers. Come here to see the sunshine, the sea, the sand, the sea creatures and the lush rainforest by your own eyes while enjoying the rustic tranquility. San Vicente is definitely one of the best places to travel in the Philippines.