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Bacolod – The city of smile in Philippines

Bacolod is call with a nick name “City of Smile”. Just a small city in the Philippines, but it always brings a relaxed feeling when you travel here. If you are planning to travel this island country in the near future, do not forget to explore and experience the interesting things only available in Bacolod. Surely, there are a lot of things and places you can’t miss in this beautiful and friendly Bacolod City.

First, if you like an adventure or serenity, you should go to the resort in the Mambucal Mountain, you can go swimming, climbing, sailing, etc. in there. The next stop should be Lakawon, a small white sand beach in and island located in the north of Bacolod.

If you would like to enjoy nightlife, please try MO2 Resto bar at Goldenfield located near the airport or Bar 21 or you can try a stroll or ride in the city center, you will find the Bacolod Churh on Public Square right away.

You also can visit beautiful landscapes like San Sebastian Church, walk at the Mambukal– the fascinating resort, visit the Negros Museum, Pope John Paul II Tower or join in the Masskara festival – A Smile festival held the 3rd week of October every year.

More specifically, something that will surely attract tourists is all food here. It was basically a foodtrip! Try these great specialties here like Inasal Chicken, the Guapple pie in El Ideal, Bibingka, and the cold Lumpiang Ubod… Lots of fine dining options too while delicacies there are also cheap.

Bacolod City is a 45-minute plane ride away from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. Once you get to Bacolod-Silay Airport, you will then take a 20-minute shuttle or taxi ride that will take you to the heart of Bacolod. Most of the tourists traveling to Bacolod come from Iloilo City and Manila, but there are also plenty of foreign visitors in the city throughout the year.

Traveling abroad to a progressive city like Bacolod is something that you’ll never forget. As Bacolod continues to develop and improve, it will likely become a top Visayas destination for local and foreign tourists alike.

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