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Laoag - The Sun of the Philippines

Located in the north of Luzon in Ilcos Norte territory is the capital of Laoag. The name of Laoag comes from the word "light" because the Ilcos Norte area is one of the sunniest areas of the country. For that reason, there are countless natural and man-made outdoor activities for tourists in Laoag!!

Discover the best things you can do when visit Laoag!!

You will find many outdoor activities on the beach, underwater and on the sand dunes.

  • You will be tumped in a dune buggy or a 4×4 sand cruiser and tear up and down the sandy hills for a thrilling ride in La Paz Sand Dunes.
  • Or admire the fascinating and varied scenery and learn how to slide the sand.

Laoag is also a city with a lot of historical sites and museums that will surely satisfy your passion for discovery.

  • Its literally Sinking Bell Tower, rebuilt on sandy soil in 1612 is an ancient wonder worth visiting.
  • Ilocos Norte Museum is designed to bring pride sense to the Ilcos Norte’s youth with exhibitions focusing on the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples and countless industries represented for each area.
  • Santa Monica Parish Church is an important part of culture and history in Laoag. Come to take a tour around the property and premises and gawk at the red brick exterior and listen for the big clock tower that strikes every half an hour.
  • The Taoid Museum - where you will be involved in a journey through time with artifacts, clothing, tools, and replicas of the indigenous people of the region.

There are many restaurants and hotels worth visiting in Laoag:

  • Where can you enjoy the best Philippines or Pizza cuisine in Laoag? Both are found in Saramsam Ylocano restaurant. Enjoy the food here, it will certainly be one of the best meals you have in Laoag.
  • You will also be very guilty if don't try a meal at Cuisine de Iloco. Not only is the food incredible, but also, the menu represents the food culture of this region! Think of it as a cultural lesson for your palate.
  • If nightlife is what you're looking for, there's only one place to go: Cockhouse Bar. Have a seat with your friends and order some cold beers and great food.

If you want a nature feeling, Laoag will also satisfy you with the enchanting Kabigan waterfall and a spectacular journey to Maligligay Falls to admire a dreamlike landscape.

Blue Lagoon is also a place worh experiencing at Laoag. Maira-ira Beach is home to the blue lagoon, a body of water so pure that it practically glows!  Spend an afternoon on the most beautiful beach in Laoag.

It will take you about 10 hours from Manila to het Laoag by bus and an hour by plane. When you come to Laoag, consider renting a car so you can make the most of your time. If that’s not your thing, you can definitely rely on Jeepneys to take you everywhere.

There are too many tourist attractions in Laoga for you. Plan your trip this summer.