Favourite destinations


Bali has been in many travel guide books for years now. Maybe too many. The Indonesian island has been receiving travellers from all over the world, taking in the breakfast bowl / salty hair / hipster aesthetic and wanderlusting their way through life. 

Among the more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali still shines the brightest in terms of tourism. There are countless other tropical destinations, but for millions of tourists each year, this fascinating island is the favourite. Here’s why you should visit Bali.

1. The food:

The food scene in Indonesia is unreal. Nasi goreng, beef rendang, chicken satay, not to mention the trendy breakfast bowls that are served daily in hipster cities like Canggu.

There are so many restaurants in Bali worth a visit that you’ll probably barely scratch the tip of the culinary iceberg that is Indonesia.

2. Idyllic beaches

One of the reasons tourists keep coming back to Bali is its idyllic coastline—featuring not just white powdery sands but also black sands, turquoise clear blue waters, surrounded by lush greenery and vegetation, as well as limestone cliffs. Every beach in Bali boasts its uniqueness and scenery. Most popular beaches include Seminyak Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Echo Beach, Jimbaran Bay, Thomas Beach, Sanur Beach, Keramas Beach, and many more.

3. Art and Culture

See a Balinese dance performance where stories are expressed through vibrant full-body movement that utilizes the hands, face, and feet. Listen to live Balinese music. Visit a local festival or celebration like the Balinese New Year, Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Food Festival, Bali Art Festival, Bali Kite Festival, or the village temple festival called Odalan. Consider purchasing wood sculptures, hand stamped and dyed Batik prints, handmade silver jewelry, weaved goods, or an intricate painting. The Balinese are masters of many crafts.

4. You should visit Bali for massages

One of the best things to do in Canggu (or any other city on the island, probably) is to get a massage. If you truly want to relax and let go of any kind of stress or tension you have bottled up inside, a massage parlour on Bali is the perfect place for that.

There is nothing better to help you relax after a long, strenuous day of hiking around Bali than getting a foot massage. There’s something soothing about having a stranger rub your feet with essential oils and feeling the pressure leave your body.

5. Adventure activities

Being home to beautiful beaches, Bali also has lots to offer when it comes to aquatic sports. Tourists may enjoy water activities from swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and more. The most fantastic activity tourists can unforgettably experience is swimming with marine creatures like colorful fishes and Manta Rays. Tourists may only avail such activity by taking private tours, starting from $139, but it still varies. Although various beach resorts also offer extreme water sports activities.

6. Shopping

In terms of shopping, Bali can also offer something to every tourist. Ubud Art Market is one of the best places to shop. It offers Balinese art styles. Local products here include ceramics, beautiful fabrics, and more hand-woven crafts reflecting the indigenous people of Indonesia. Other popular shops include Canaan, Gaya Ceramic, and Threads of Life.

Bali is more than just beaches, and its history, culinary ranks, and local culture are all part of a worthy Indonesian experience.

(Source: Collector)