1. What should I do if I miss my connecting flight because of flight delays and cancellations?

2. How can I know if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

3. Can I purchase multiple trips through your website? Will my baggage be checked through to the final destination?

4. How many passengers can I book online through your website?

5. I want to travel today; can I purchase a ticket online?

6. How long after the payment made I will receive an e-ticket?

7. What should I do if my payment keeps failing?

8. I want to change my flight, how can I do it?

9. Is my credit card information safe and secure?

10. I’d like to know more about Philippine Travel Tax?

11. What is Onepay.vn?

12. I want to cancel my ticket, how can I do it?

13. How long will I receive my refund amount?

14. I lost my card used to purchase my ticket, now I want to cancel my ticket and get a refund, can you refund to my new card?

15. Can my dog travel with me on the passenger cabin?

16. Can I travel with my cat?

17. What is the minimum connecting time for domestic flights and international flights?